Boy George Enjoys Cuffing

You can make your own jokes about Boy George not really wanting to hurt his Norwegian male escort, but the Culture Club frontman admits he handcuffed him to his bed.

Boy George, being tried under his real name of George O’Dowd, decided not to testify on his behalf but denies falsely imprisoning Audun Carlsen in April 2007. The two had met on an internet networking site called Gaydar.

Jurors at the Snaresbrook Crown Court in London, England heard a police interview with O’Dowd on Monday. The singer told police that Carlsen, 29, hacked into his computer and stole pornographic pictures of him that the two had taken at an earlier meeting at his residence.

“I absolutely admit I had him in the handcuffs so he wouldn’t go anywhere while I checked the computer,” said O’Dowd. “I certainly wasn’t going to kill him. That’s hardly going to do my career any good, is it?”

In addition to being cuffed, the glitter-loving Carlsen also claimed O’Dowd hit him with a chain because he refused to have sex with O’Dowd when they first met in January.

Ravindra Kumar, the doctor who examined Carlsen after he escaped, said that he had bruising on the back of his head and a swollen face. O’Dowd said Carlsen wasn’t a victim and the beatings he doled out at an earlier meeting were consensual.

“You can’t spank anyone if they don’t want you to,” the DJ said. “Unless you want to get arrested.”

Carlsen had earlier testified that O’Dowd insisted on giving him a blow job even after Carlsen informed him he had AIDS.

O’Dowd spent five days working as a New York City sanitation worker in August 2006 as part of his sentence for filing a false incident report to police in another case.