Dan Aykroyd Q&A Part II

up! found the Canadian actor digging for dinos in a remote bone bed, just west of Grande Prairie. There to boost funds for the $26-million Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum, Aykroyd was happy to dust himself off and chat about Ghostbusters 3 (release date to be determined), ghosts and aliens.

What’s going on with Ghostbusters 3?

We have an excellent script, an excellent story and the premise of the movie is that because of the various physical infirmaries of the original Ghost Busters: Raymond [Aykroyd], Egon [Harold Ramis], Winston [Ernie Hudson] and Venkman [Bill Murray], it’s becoming necessary for them to find new recruits and to pass the torch on to a new generation to make sure the city, and the world, is safe from these paranormal threats. I think that’s just too good to pass up and we’re hoping to make it with Murray.

Where will it be shot?

Well, it has to be partly shot in Manhattan. I’d like to bring some of it to Canada. I do have a dream sequence in mind, however, with the Venkman character in the Alberta badlands setting, but I don’t know if it will make it into the movie or not. And we would have to come and shoot that there. Maybe that’s the only scene Murray is in! [laughter] I don’t know, it’s up to him.

Have you ever seen any ghosts?

No, I never have. I’ve heard things; I’ve felt things. I’ve see little psychokinetic events like my wife’s [actress Donna Dixon] bracelets doing a little cyclone dance on dresser one night as we were falling asleep.

Was that at your home?

Yeah, but it could have been a reflection of what we were going through at the time. Whether it was love or friction, I’m not sure. I looked over and she looked over and, it was almost as if it was a dust devil, with her ID bracelet and a watch.

Would you like to see a ghost?

It depends upon the circumstances. If it was a friend, I suppose. But I don’t think I’d like to see Herman Herring come at me. I’d prefer to have a friendly ghost, not a monster.

But you have seen a UFO before?

I’ve seen them. One was at Martha’s Vineyard with four other people. One was downtown Montreal from a hotel room. Then at the farm [Aykroyd’s family farm in Sydenham, Ont.] a couple of years ago, one responded to me. I turned the lights on my motorcycle on and off and the thing stopped and shone a light right on me then drifted off silently. I was listening, thinking the whole time, “this is a chopper, it’s got to be a chopper.” No sound of a chopper, no sound at all. Now maybe it was a stealth chopper. Let’s just say they were exactly what you asked me about– Un-i-dent-i-fied. Were they alien aircrafts? I can’t say that.

Why would they visit us?

The Herkimer diamonds, for goodness sake! Tourism and travel.

But why wouldn’t they make contact with us?

They have, they have. Of course they have. You should read John Mack’s book, Abduction, you’ll see they’ve made contact. They’ve taken hundreds of thousands of people up. If they abduct people… They are breaking the law. They are actually in violation of Title 18 in the US code, which is kidnapping and abduction and they should be arrested and put in jail but the problem is catching the little mothers. I’m not sure our laws apply to them. That’s the problem with coming out and saying that they exist. That’s why the government doesn’t want to do that because laws do not apply to them.

So the government does know they exist?

I refer you to Voronezh, Soviet Union 1989. Four hundred people witnessed two ships land in a playground. The Soviet government commissioned a report on how this could be possible that 400 people could see these things come down, get out, walk around and take off straight up into the sky. And I’m not making this up. Mufon.comwill answer all your questions. That’s the definitive group.

Have you ever seen one?

No. My grandmother said she saw one. My mom saw one in 1950 in Sparks Street in Ottawa. She said it looked like a Christmas tree ornament, glowing silver and red and green. My mother worked with the ammunitions and supply in the aircraft purchasing division so she knew everything that was going on in aviation during the war. We always had those books and magazines on them around the house, I guess she sort of subliminally fostered an interest in it in me and she only recently spoke of that sighting only in the last ten years. Very open minded she is.