Celebrate Pi Day with regional delights

Banana cream, cherry, key lime, pecan and…finger? It’s Pi Day, and since we’re not big on math, we’re celebrating the flaky crusted pastries instead. You can get apple or blueberry pie anywhere, but the following regions are known for their unique varieties.

Grape Pie at Monica’s Pies

Naples, N.Y.

Known as the grape capital of the US, Naples is home to an abundance of locally-grown Concord grapes. Monica’s Pies is located amongst vineyards and serves grape pies—with crumble or pastry top—all year round. The family-run business (Monica bakes the pies, her husband takes care of the grapes) sells almost 15,000 pies a year. Additional pie varieties include lemon cream, chocolate chip cookie, key lime and apple cranberry nut.

Saskatoon Berry Pie at The Berry Barn
Saskatoon, Sask.

The Berry Barn is located amid a 27-acre orchard of Saskatoon berry bushes that produce up to 28,000 pounds of Saskatoon berries each year. Guests can buy berries, pick their own or order the Saskatoon berry pie, topped with ice cream or whipped cream, in the country-style restaurant.

Sugar Pie at Au Pied de Cochon
Montreal, Que.

Known around the world as maple pie, finger pie (it is stirred with the finger to avoid breaking the crust) and Hoosier sugar cream pie. A staple in Montreal’s cafés, the tarte au sucre is hard to find in the city’s upscale restaurants. To make up for this oversight, Au Pied de Cochon serves sugar pie for two. For $10, you get a mammoth slice of the pie, which is traditionally made from—you guessed it—brown sugar.

Raisin Cream Pie at Spike ‘N’ Rail Steakhouse
Selma, Calif.

As the raisin capital of the world, Selma—located three hours north of Los Angeles—is the best place to get a raisin cream pie. The Spike ‘N’ Rail Steakhouse is famous for its version, which is made with caramel custard and local raisins. And thanks to its highly guarded recipe, you won’t find this pie anywhere else.

Bourbon Pecan Pie at Emporium Pies
Dallas, Tex.

Technically called The Drunk Net, this bourbon pecan pie is handmade with a shortbread crust, Texas pecans and no preservatives. Call in advance for a whole pie or head to the shop for a slice and a cup of coffee. The shop specializes in pies and has delicious flavours like Red Velvet Chess Pie, French silk chocolate and apple pie with cinnamon strudel.

Key Lime Pie at Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe
Florida Keys, Fla.

It’s all in the name. These pies are synonymous with the Keys, both the limes and their Florida origins—so much so that they’ve been designated the state’s official pie. Kermit’s has two locations in Key West that sell tart, tasty key lime pies, along with jellies, salsas and other treats.