Music Meals

Music festivals have never been revered for their food—that is, until Outside Lands came along. North America’s first gourmet food and music festival sees some of the world’s best music and Bay Area’s best kitchens set up shop in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. With more than 200 food options and 30 local wines, choosing what to eat and when may be a daunting task. Here are some suggestions for eats to match the beats.

Stevie Wonder

For Stevie’s smooth sound, what’s better than a little soul comfort food? Head to Farmer Brown’s Little Skillet for fried chicken and Mac n’ Cheese.


It’s not just their music that’s heavy; Metallica demands that bacon is available for breakfast, lunch and supper. Have it for dessert at Endless Summer Sweets with their Crispy Bacon and Syrup funnel cakes.

Franz Ferdinand

Celebrate frontman Alex Kapranos’ adventurous palate with Malaysian nachos at Azalina’s, Korean Tacos at Namu Gaji and Tonkatsu sandwiches at Nojo.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Maverick specializes in sustainable meats and organic produce. Young has supported sustainable farming since co-organizing the first Farm Aid in 1985.

Jack White

Which ages better, a white cheese or a white stripe? Check out the Pepper Jack Mac at The Southern Sandwich Co.

Foo Fighters

Frickles (deep-fried dill pickle chips) are the perfect companion to these zany guys. Grab them at Those Fabulous Frickle Brothers.

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