Springfield’s Famous Eats

Ever wish you could bite into a Krusty Burger, sip on a Duff Beer or down a Flaming Moe? As the longest-running animated series in television history (now in its 25th season), The Simpsons has featured its fair share of now-iconic foods. And now, with a visit to Springfield USA at Universal Studios Orlando, diehard Simpsons fans can actually taste a few of them.

Opened last July, the 30,000-sq.-ft. Springfield USA features a Krustyland ride, a Kwik-E-Mart gift shop and more food options than eyes on a Springfield fish.

Head into Moe’s Tavern to grab a pint and check out the broken jukebox, the red phone and the Love Tester. The back of the bar leads to a strip of six fast-food kiosks (all inspired by the show) and several colourful seating areas.

Guests can choose from 28 items specifically crafted for Springfield, including the Chicken and Waffle Sandwich at Cletus’ Chicken Shack and vegetarian options at Lisa’s Teahouse of Horror.

But the real draw is the Krusty Burger, created by Universal’s corporate executive chef, Steve Jayson, a Lenny-like character with what sounds like a slight Mayor Quimby accent. While the cartoon version of the burger is decidedly low-class, Jayson’s creation uses fresh beef, tomatoes and lettuce.

“We tried to make the Krusty Burger a lot of fun to eat,” says Jayson. “There’s a couple different sauces on it, so they’re oozing out and you have all these great flavours in your mouth.”

To wash it down, there are three types of Duff Beer (original, Duff Dry and Duff Lite) available at Moe’s, and at the waterfront Duff Brewery. The original is a craft beer that Jayson compares to “an all-American classic with a nice, well-rounded flavour.” Add a Flaming Moe (a non-alcoholic citrus drink served with dry ice) for the kids and a giant Lard Lad doughnut and you’ve got a classic Springfield meal.