Board Game Cafes

Stocked with hundreds of old-school board games, these cafés and bars offer plenty of entertainment, along with elevated menus to keep players going. Your mission: conquer these four hot spots with the perfect treat and game pairing, no assembly required.

Snakes and Lattes, Toronto

This spot charges $5 for unlimited play of more than 1,000 games at both its Bloor Street West and College Street locations. Trudge through the hot sands of Forbidden Desert while sampling the chorizo- and Gouda-stuffed burger and the Riff-Raff cocktail made with watermelon puree, agave and Tromba Blanco tequila. Then, cool down with a Gummi Worm sundae while sliding up and down the 3D Snakes and Ladders.

GameHäus Café, Los Angeles

Located in a 1920s building in Glendale, this café charges a US$5 cover for unlimited play from a selection of nearly 1,000 games. Enjoy a custom, game-inspired sandwich like The Werewolf (roast beef, cheddar and Sriracha mayo) while bluffing your way through the party game of the same name, or hoard gold in Valdora while indulging in the Valdora sandwich (havarti cheese, pear and honey panini). For something a bit classier, sip the afternoon tea and impersonate Sherlock Holmes while playing 221B Baker Street.

The Cloak & Blaster, Orlando

Order the dragon eggs (sriracha fried-chicken bites), the Lannister burger (peanut butter and bacon) and the White Walker (stout and ice cream) from the geeked-out menu while using wit, force or diplomacy to conquer the Game of Thrones board game’s Iron Throne. The UK-inspired pub has no cover charge for its tabletop games or the bar-side video consoles where hardcore gamers can order from the alchemy beer cocktail menu—try the stout and butterscotch beer Hogwarts After Dark.

Across the Board Game Cafe, Winnipeg

Explore the world while never leaving The Peg’s Exchange District. For a $5 cover charge, gamers get access to more than 800 titles and the restaurant’s globally inspired menu. Start with a pitcher of sangria and pair it with the board game Alhambra, where opponents build their own Spanish palace. Next, dine on a bánh mì sandwich—made with sweet and sticky pulled pork, pickled vegetables and a spicy mayo—while cooperating with fellow players to save 48 cities in Pandemic.

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