Four Haunted Destinations

San Diego, Calif.
A long history of pioneer clashes and an abundance of old buildings make San Diego California’s spookiest city.

Small scare: Board the Star of India barque ship at the Maritime Museum of San Diego for stories about pirates, mutineers and stowaways who never quite left.

Kinda creepy: Most of the ghostly activity in the historic, 19th-century Casa de Estudillo adobe mansion is known to take place in the chapel, where the spirits of cowboys and monks appear.

Fearsome fright: Hunt for ghosts at the Whaley House Museum using paranormal investigation tools to uncover its past as a site of hangings and home where tragedies unfolded

Victoria, B.C.
British Columbia’s most beautiful city is also its most haunted thanks to its 6,000-year history and magnetic energy.

Small scare: Visit Rogers’ Chocolates Government Street heritage store, where the original owners, Charles and Leah, and their son Frederick are said to wander the store at night.

Kinda creepy: Explore the Edwardian Hatley Castle, where visitors have claimed to see the castle’s former mistress. Her son, who died on his way to fight in World War I, also appears in the Japanese gardens.

Fearsome fright: Stroll through Beacon Hill Park while watching for the “Screaming Doppelganger,” the figure of a dark-haired woman who appears on a rock, screaming silently.

Halifax, N.S.
As one of Canada’s oldest cities, Halifax’s haunted past includes British rule, sinking ships, epidemics and a massive explosion.

Small scare: Plagued with strange occurrences like floating dishes, The Five Fishermen Restaurant was once a mortuary for victims from the RMS Titanic and the Halifax Explosion.

Kinda creepy: Take a candlelit Ghost Walk through the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site’s tunnels and jail cells to hear about ghostly encounters experienced by staff and visitors in the 19th-century fort.

Fearsome Fright: Ride a water taxi to McNabs Island in Halifax Harbour, where ghosts wander through dilapidated forts, a cholera cemetery and the aptly named Hangman’s Beach.

Salem, Mass.
Located 45 minutes north of Boston, this New England town is haunted by its 1690s witch-trial history.

Small scare: Watch Cry Innocent: The People Versus Bridget Bishop, an interactive reenactment of a 1692 witch trial, held daily in the Old Town Hall.

Kinda creepy: Spend a night in The Merchant hotel, located on the land where Sheriff George Corwin imprisoned suspected witches. Local legend says his victims still roam the halls.

Fearsome Fright: Explore historic 17th-century tombstones in the Charter Street Cemetery and watch for the orbs and apparitions that appear in the area.


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